This page shows my publications. Some of the animations are skipped during PDF conversion. Those are found in the “demonstrations” section.

PHD Thesis

[Phd1] J. Sliwka. Using set membership methods for robust underwater robot localization.  thesis presentation
Institutes : ENSTA-Bretagne and UBO University .
Sponsored by the region : Brest Metropole Oceane.


[C1][Fr] J. Sliwka, F. Le Bars, and L. Jaulin. Calcul ensembliste pour la localisation et la cartographie robustes. In JD-JN-MACS 2009, Angers, France, 2009. article presentation
[C2] J. Sliwka, and F. Le Bars. Robotics at ENSIETA. In AIM’09, Brno, Czech Republic, 2009. article presentation
[C3] J. Sliwka, F. Le Bars, O. Reynet, and L. Jaulin. Using interval methods in the context of robust localization of underwater robots. In NAFIPS 2011, El Paso, USA, 2011. article presentation
[C4] J. Sliwka, L. Jaulin, M. Ceberio and V. Kreinovich. Processing Interval Sensor Data in the Presence of Outliers, with Potential Applications to Localizing Underwater Robots. IEEE SMC’2011, Anchorage, Alaska, 2011. article presentation1 presentation2

[C5] Sliwka, J., Clement, B., & Probst, I. (2012, October). Sea glider guidance around a circle using distance measurements to a drifting acoustic source. In Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS), 2012 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on (pp. 94-99). IEEE. article presentation

[C6] Sliwka, J., Munafo, A., Ferri, G., & Alves, J. (2014, September). Interval methods based AUV localization in the context of an acoustic network with experimental results. In Oceans-St. John’s, 2014 (pp. 1-6). IEEE. article

Congres on Robot Designs

[R1] J. Sliwka, P. H. Reilhac, R. Leloup, P. Crepier, H. D. Malet, P. Sittaramane, F. L. Bars, K. Roncin, B. Aizier and L. Jaulin. Autonomous robotic boat of ENSIETA. In IRSC-WRSC 2009, Matosinhos , Portugal, 2009. article
[R2] J. Sliwka, J. Nicola, R. Coquelin, F. Becket De Megille, Benoit Clement and Luc Jaulin. Sailing without wind sensor and other hardware and software innovations. In IRSC-WRSC 2011, Luebeck, Germany, 2011. article presentation


[Co1][Fr] F. Le Bars, J. Sliwka, and L. Jaulin. Analyse par intervalles pour le lancé de rayon et pour l’analyse de stabilité. In JD-JN-MACS 2009, Angers, France, 2009. article
[Co2] F. Le Bars, J. Sliwka, and M. Sebela. Autonomous submarine robotic system. Cybernetic Letters,, 2010. article
[Co3] F. Le Bars, A. Bertholom, J. Sliwka, and L. Jaulin. Interval SLAM for underwater robots – a new experiment. In NOLCOS 2010, Bologna, Italy, 2010. article
[Co4] F. Le Bars, J. Sliwka, O. Reynet, and L. Jaulin. Set-membership state estimation with fleeting data. Accepted by Automatica, 2011. article
[Co5] K. Xiao, J. Sliwka, L. Jaulin. A wind-independent control strategy for autonomous sailboats based on voronoi diagram. In CLAWAR 2011, Paris, 2011. (Best Paper Award) article presentation

[Co6] Munafo, A., Sliwka, J., Ferri, G., Vermeij, A., Goldhahn, R., LePage, K., … & Potter, J. (2014, September). Enhancing AUV localization using underwater acoustic sensor networks: Results in long baseline navigation from the COLLAB13 sea trial. In Oceans-St. John’s, 2014 (pp. 1-7). IEEE.

[Co7] Munafo, A., Sliwka, J., Alves. Dynamic placement of a constellation of surface buoys for enhanced underwater positioning. In Oceans’15, Genova, 2015. article

SWIM (Small Workshop on Interval Methods)

[Sw1] J. Sliwka and L. Jaulin. Setting a Robust SLAM problem in a set of equations. In SWIM09, Lausanne, Switzerland, 2009.  abstract presentation
[Sw2] J. Sliwka, F. Le Bars, and L. Jaulin. Image derived contractor and its application in robot localization, SWIM 2010, Nantes. abstract presentation
[Sw3] J. Sliwka, F. Le Bars and L. Jaulin. Using polynomials with set valued coefficients to solve relaxed constraint satisfaction problems. In SWIM 2011, Bourges, France, 2011. abstract  presentation

Other Seminars/ Workshops

[S1] J. Sliwka. Robotics activities at ENSIETA focusing on the AUV and the set membership methods. Invited talk at Lübeck University, Lübeck, Germany, 2009. presentation
[S2][Fr] J. Sliwka and F. Le Bars. Calcul par intervalles et robotique à l’ENSIETA. In Journées Jeunes Chercheurs en Robotique 2010, Paris, France, 2010. presentation
[S3][Fr] F. Le Bars, J. Sliwka, and L. Jaulin. SAUC’ISSE, un robot sous-marin autonome. In Journées Démonstrateurs 2010, Angers, France, 2010. presentation
[S4] J. Sliwka. Seminar at UTEP, El Paso, Texas, USA . El Paso, Texas, USA, 2011. presentation
[S5] J. Sliwka. Méthodes ensemblistes pour la robotique sous-marine. Seminar at LIRMM, Montpellier, 2012. abstract presentation

[S6] J. Sliwka. Interval Methods for underwater robotics. CMRE, La Spezia, 2013. abstract presentation